The Otago University Canoe Club

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Membership to join the club is $25. This makes you a member of the club for a whole academic year. This fee is not refundable.

For those without their own gear, gear hire is $35 for your first trip, $35 for your second trip and then after that there is no charge. This goes primarily toward maintenance (kayaking gear is expensive!). Gear hire is not refundable, so we recommend waiting until you get on a trip before paying this.

Gear hire covers all trips and the rest of the year if you choose to continue kayaking after trips finish in May. Gear can be hired from the club at any time but the gear must be returned before 12pm on Fridays before trip weekends. You must speak to one of the exec before hiring gear out so the club is aware of where the gear is and what your plans are. Minor damage to gear will be covered by the club. Major damage (boat falls off a car roof) or loss of gear could result in a fee to the person who hired the gear. If the exec are unsure or unconfident in your ability/plans, we reserve the right to refuse your request to hire gear.

Attendance at rolling sessions is mandatory for coming on trips! Rolling sessions run on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7.30am.

Trips run nearly every weekend from the beginning of semester until May, including a week-long trip over mid-semester break. Trips will cost around $60-$100 with the exception of Murchison which will cost around $400-500 for the week (these are rough estimates). These costs cover food, transport, and guaranteed good times!

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